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Why can't I see the water in my front load washer? Clothes come out clean and wet but I can't see any water during the cycle? This is because of the water usage - front loaders only fill with a very low amount of water. Because the machines minimum wash time is 90 minutes and the water showers through a baffle, the machine will still wash the clothes clean.
Why won't water pump into the front load washing machine? Did you switch the machine on? Are the taps turned on? Check if the wire-net filter on the inlet hose is clean. Is the door closed properly?
Why is the front load washing machine leaking? Is the pump guard properly fixed? Is the inlet hose properly secured to the tap and the washing machine?
Why is there so much bubbling during washing in the front load washing machine? Check the water hardness and reduce the quantity of washing powder you are using.
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